Theatre on Vasilevsky

Theatre on Vasilevsky

St. Petersburg, Sredniy prospect V.I., 48

Theatre on Vasilevsky before was called Theater of Satire and is considered one of the youngest theater companies of St. Petersburg, but at the same time trying to keep the bar high, that he successfully manages. Theatre was founded in 1989.

Over the years, the theater on Vasilevsky has become well known to connoisseurs of theatrical art, not only in his native St. Petersburg, but all over Russia and abroad. This was facilitated by a team of obtaining a number of prestigious theater awards of the country, which is not always rewarded establishments with a longer history. In the "money-box" theater awards such as "Triumph", "Golden Soffit" and "Golden Mask".

Leader of the group is the famous B. Slovokhotov, who not only founded the theater, but the stretch was his head all these years. Troupe consists of both young, budding artists and folk artists - Itskov, Kutasova. Work here and Honored Artist of Russia - Lysov, Bashlakova.

Theatre on Vasilevsky visit St. Petersburg from all areas of the city. About tickets better to think in advance. Their purchase, as well as the short program of speeches can be found in the poster.

On the chamber theater scene are children's plays - "Porridge from an ax", "Elusive Fountik", "Calling Mr. Ay" and others. Also put puppetry. Adult viewers will love the drama, such as "My dear Matilda" or "Marriage".


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