Theatre Lensoviet

Theatre Lensoviet

St. Petersburg, Vladimirskiy avenue, 12

Theatre Lensoveta deservedly considered one of the main cultural symbols of St. Petersburg. A characteristic feature of the theater is that most of the ideas are put on classical works, but lately can often be seen and avant-garde productions.

Its history Theatre Lensoveta leads since 1933, when it was set the stage performance of "Mad Money", based on a work of Ostrovsky. At the time, the theater had another name - "New". Even in our time Theatre. Lensoveta long led V. Pasi, whose dream was to turn this place into domestic Broadway, resulting in a repertoire dominated by entertainment productions.

In 2006, the theater was headed Butusov - director, who prefers avant-garde principles at work. Despite this, the place has managed to keep its main advantage - the cast of the different generations.

The repertoire of the theater there is a wide variety of dramatic productions - "Nature Reserve", "Guilty Without Guilt", "Family Happiness", "Mixed Emotions" and several others. Sometimes there are musical performances - "Cabaret Brecht".


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