Variety Theater of A. Raikin

Variety Theater of A. Raikin

St. Petersburg, B. Konushenna st., 27

Variety Theatre has long been a home to many artists in St. Petersburg scene. From the outset, these stage was an honor to perform the highest level of celebrity. At various times in the Variety Theater can be seen K.Shulzhenko which made here the first steps on his creative path, Utesova, often coming to the theater on tour with the orchestra, and Vertinsky and Ruslanova.

In 1944, the leadership came Arkady Raikin. It was years since the establishment of the theater started now. For many of today's stars Variety Theater has become a real "road in life". Surprisingly, the big names were formed within these walls: Zhvanetskiy duo Oleinikova and Stoyanova, Peha - you can list them for a long time, but the "graduates" of the best talk about the level that has always adhered to the theater.

Every day in the repertoire of a new play or concert performance. Lovers of drama productions offers a rich selection of plays, the most famous of which - "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", "The Mystery of the rose without a thorn". Also present in the repertoire of dance and comedy performances, such as "Intimacy does not offer" or "The Imaginary Invalid".


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