Music Hall

Music Hall

St. Petersburg, Alexandrovskiy park, 4

History of the first of the Leningrad Music Hall originated in 1928. Popular establishment operated under the direction of Dunayevsky, who also served as chief conductor of the theater. Basic repertoire of entertainment were performances that were very popular with the public. However, in 1937, popular theater has ceased to exist, as has been recognized by the bearer of bourgeois art.

The second stage in the life of Music Hall hit for 1966. He became a haven not only for theatrical productions and performances, but also a platform for pop stars. In his time on the court shone M. Magomayev Kobzon, B. Bentsianov and others.

Today on stage Music Hall pass and children and adults posing. Under the direction of conductor Fabio Mastrangelo was put a lot of interesting stories. Popular are the musical "The Master and Margarita", children's plays "Ali Baba and the 40 songs of the Persian Bazaar" and "The Bremen Town Musicians." Admirers of the great seeking to buy tickets for the ballet "Love Story Adore».


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