State Academic Capella

State Academic Capella

St. Petersburg, Moyka emb., 20

State Academic Chapel in St. Petersburg is one of the oldest musical institutions in our country. For many years, all her efforts were aimed at the development of Russian musical culture at the professional level.

Within these walls, consistently formed all of the major trends in contemporary music education and the performing arts. Date of the founding of the Chapel - 1479, when by order of Prince Ivan III was established choir clerks.

Every trip to the State Academic Capella - an immersion in a totally different music world. In addition to concerts, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the architecture and refurbished interiors. Also operates at Chapel Choir School.

Since 1917, musical group led by Capella best Soviet and then Russian conductors. At various times, Chapel visited with tours in the Baltic States and Europe.

Not to be mistaken with the trek to the concert are encouraged to review the poster, which contains a detailed schedule of upcoming music programs.


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Playbill for the next few days

«The Royal martyrs»
Oct 30, 19:00 Tu
400 - 500
Organ recital
Nov 8, 19:00 Th
400 - 450

Popular events

Excursion «Myths and legends of Petersburg»
09:00 Sa.
800 - 1000
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«God save the Queen»
20:00 Mo.
1300 - 5000
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The Play «Othello»
19:00 Th.
1200 - 4000
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Bus Tour «Mysteries of Petersburg»
16:00 Su.
800 - 1000
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