Saint-Petersburg Opera

Saint-Petersburg Opera

St. Petersburg, Galernaya st., 33

Building "Opera" is located in an old mansion with a history spanning several epochs. To this day the building retains its shape of the sample in 1910. In the period after the revolution the building was intended for a regional committee, for the Metalworkers' Union, and after education for Estonian House. Later, the mansion passed under the chamber musical theater "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera," which it does now is. Officially, the date of birth of the theater can be considered in 1987, when it was created by Yuri Alexandrov (director).

In keeping with its name, held in the theater's repertoire of activities is as follows: music dramas, most genres of opera, theater, drama, comedy, modern opera productions.

Hall "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera" small, only 187 seats. Of which - 114 on the ground, the VIP-15 series and 44 in the amphitheater.

The theater consists of 8 completely unique and luxurious interiors, each of which is individually designed. The largest room - large theater hall in the rococo style. After years of neglect and looting of buildings, rooms have been restored and reconstructed interiors.


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