Two-deck steam-ship «Moscow 201 - Waters of the Sound»

Two-deck steam-ship «Moscow 201 - Waters of the Sound»

Senate pier: Angliyskaya embankment, 2, near Copper horseman

Well-equipped decks: fully covered lower with VIP-zone and glazed upper with an open-air terrace - will provide you a journey in an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. All the places behind the tables are located at the windows for a good view, there is always an opportunity to go to the open part of the deck to enjoy the panoramas of Petersburg. On the main (lower) deck are branded concerts.

The ship operates from April to November, and from June 10 to August 20 every day and every day in the summer club mode on the water and only in the format of music flights! In the afternoon the excursion-musical format, in the evening and at night concerts.


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