The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace

Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Razvodnaya street, 2

Majestic and refined, the Great Peterhof Palace, whose facade stretched along the terrace for almost 300 meters,
Occupies a dominant position in the composition of the Peterhof ensemble, connecting in a single artistic whole Upper
Garden and lower park. "Spreading wings" over the water extravaganza of the Great Cascade, he unites and forms around himself
A harmonious system of avenues, architectural structures and fountains. The existing appearance of the palace was formed for almost
One and a half centuries. In the Petrine era it was a small two-story building, the width of which did not exceed the width of the Bolshoi
Cascade, it was called the Upper or Nagorny Chambers and served for receptions and holidays. The idea of ​​location and
The original appearance of the palace belonged to Peter himself, and was embodied by its architect IF. Braunstein and such outstanding
Architects, as J.-B. Leblon and N. Michetti. In 1732, two galleries were erected to the palace for the design of M. Zemtsov, but modest
Petrovsky Palace no longer met the splendor and luxury of the Russian court of that time.

Formed as a result of all the restructuring, the architectural appearance of the Great Palace bears distinct traces of various artistic tastes and styles, but the talent and professional respect for each other allowed the architects of different eras to create a complete work. The great Peterhof Palace has long been the center of secular life. Here were celebrations, receptions, balls and masquerades, which were invited to three thousand guests. In the court church, they were married, baptized children, and prayed to commemorate military victories. During the Great Patriotic War the Great Palace was burned and blown up. It seemed impossible to lift it from the ruins. But in May 1964 the first revived halls were opened. And today the visitors will have a fascinating journey through the magic palace filled with objects of decorative and applied art, magnificent furniture and excellent works of sculpture and painting.


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