DK Gorkogo

DK Gorkogo

Saint-Petersburg, Stachek square, 4

Palace of Culture named after Gorky was founded in 1927 and immediately became a popular place to hold cultural activities. The building was built in the style of constructivism by Alexander Gegello and A.I. Dmitriev.

DK Gorky - a famous theatrical metropolitan area, which has repeatedly played the brightest representatives of the theater and the cinema. Among them Basilashvili O., A. Mironov, A. Papanov, I. Churikova and others. Here in 1935 there was classical ballet studio. The building itself has undergone restoration. Palace of Culture. Bitter can be proud of its large-scale concert halls. In 1980 the theater was renovated room for up to two thousand spectators. Besides a large hall, a recreation center also operates a small theater hall, with the expectation of three hundred spectators and a concert hall with a capacity of 120 seats.

In Palace of Culture held the original events dedicated to significant events. There are regular repertory comedy featuring popular actors perform dance groups. Palace of Culture. Gorky's famous for its concerts, the musicians are playing different musical styles - folk, rock, pop, chanson.


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Playbill for the next few days

Vasily Gerello
Nov 24, 19:00 Sa
1000 - 2500
Oleg Mityaev
Feb 22, 19:00 Fr
1000 - 3200

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