Conservatory of Rimskiy-Korsakov

Conservatory of Rimskiy-Korsakov

St. Petersburg , Teatralnaya sq., 3

Conservatory of Rimsky-Korsakov is designed for 1700 spectators, making it the room one of the largest in Russia. Opening Conservatory happened in 1862, and throughout this period the institution hosted the most deserving musicians. Architecture, Building and room acoustics made ​​conservatory unique monument of musical art.

Over the years the Conservatory has released many worthy disciples, among which is such a gem, as Tchaikovsky. In 1918 she moved into the category of public institutions, but among the leading professors continued to consist musicologists broadest erudition.

These days at the conservatory there are seven faculties. Among the professors - renowned opera directors, conductors. Conducted workshops and master classes at the international level, graduates of the Conservatory increasingly occupy a respectable place in the international world of music.


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