Derzhavin Estate Museum

Derzhavin Estate Museum

St. Petersburg, Fontanka River, 118

GRDerzhavin Estate Museum is a unique memorial object, reconstructed in 2003-2011 years. Urban estate of the poet, in addition to the mansion, where Derzhavin lived from 1791 to 1816, and home theater includes several buildings, greenhouses and garden Manor.

The house of the poet (Central Building) houses the Museum of Derzhavin and Russian Literature of His Time, literary and memorial exposition which takes sixteen interior halls. With recreated as accurately as possible a large meeting room two tiers of windows literary society "Lovers of the Russian Word," Straw living room, home theater, living room "The sofa", the poet's office, the kitchen, the glacier. The exhibition features books and manuscripts, works of fine and decorative arts. Portraits of owners and guests of the house create a "presence effect" of a bygone era and its characters in the museum.


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