Creative Cluster "Artmuza"

Creative Cluster "Artmuza"

St. Petersburg, 13th Line, 70-72

Artmuza - the largest creative cluster of the northern capital, which is located in the most amazing part of it - on Vasilyevsky Island, just 10 minutes walk from the metro station "Vasileostrovskaya", "Sport" and "Seaside" in the former factory of musical instruments "Muzdetal" which gained a new image from 2013.

Now it is the territory of Arts, the total area of ​​13 000 square meters, which will comfortably accommodate and effectively operate several art galleries, design studios, fashion houses, advertising agencies, creative spaces, interior studios, business art institutes, workshops of painters and sculptors. This fall in Artmuze opened their doors restobar Artist and art paint brushes, dining room, where guests can comfortably relax in an informal, cozy atmosphere.

Guests Artmuzy can always meet our constantly updated exhibition of the best contemporary artists. The total area of ​​galleries loft space over 2000 square meters, which can simultaneously carry out several art exhibitions the opposite direction. Therefore, each new visit Artmuzy, no doubt, will bring only positive emotions, because every visitor is sure to find something that is interesting to him.

In addition to the exhibition, there are regularly held workshops on art and design, arranged lectures and seminars of various subjects. Every day, creative cluster Artmuza gaining recognition all the more true connoisseurs of art, and every day in the walls of the space are realized more and more interesting ideas.


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