Aleksandrinsky Theater

Aleksandrinsky Theater

St. Petersburg, Ostrovsky square, 6

Alexandrinsky Theatre - is one of the oldest Russian drama theaters. Theater located on Ostrovsky Square. The unique architectural structure in the Empire style designed by KI Russia has retained in its original form gorgeous to our days. The name of the theater was in 1832 in honor of scoring the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. This is not just a theater - a historically important place with its mysteries and secrets. Earlier, before its construction, the site was an Italian theater. Theatre royally majestic and capacious, plexus interior resembles a maze. In 2013, completed the construction of a second new Alexandrinsky Theatre.

To this day the famous theater productions of great works of Russian classics - Ostrovsky, Gogol, Chekhov, Griboyedov, Dostoevsky. Every year there is held an international festival of theater. Very talented acting troupe and staging scenarios famous classics - all made Alexandrinka (as popularly called theater) location where leisure is not only useful and pleasant, but also prestigious. At the premiere here tend to get not only the citizens and guests from Russia, but theater-goers from abroad. Tickets Alexandrinka never stale. Get desired Kontramarka the premiere you can in the city box offices, or to book a ticket on our site in a couple of minutes, without any queues.


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