Menshikov Palace

Menshikov Palace

St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya nab., 15

Menshikov Palace - built to approximate the Emperor Peter the Great, the first governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Menshikov, Peter the Great's palace in Baroque style, the first stone building in St. Petersburg.

The palace is a striking example of the Petrine Baroque. The main facade of the building is underlined effectively with stone pilasters and capitals finished attic, at the time, as the side corbels - fanciful gables gilded princely crowns and monograms. Crowned building high attic "with a break." The front is accentuated portico with wooden columns, skillfully imitating stone or marble. Above the portico - loggia for orchestra, from year to year which welcomed arriving guests on the Neva. After the construction of two-storey side wings and garden buildings, the building plan was a closed quadrangle.

Made with the most expensive and advanced materials, some of which were imported from abroad, and some were made by Russian craftsmen. Large canopy - the front lobby - distinguished by their solemn and elegant appearance. In Peter's time on the ground floor of the building housed some offices and shops serving the prince. The second floor was occupied by the princely family. In addition to luxurious quarters on the floor housed ceremonial halls, galleries and the suite.


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