Mikhailovsky Palace (Russian Museum)

Mikhailovsky Palace (Russian Museum)

St. Petersburg, Engineering street, 2-4

Mikhailovsky Palace - the former Grand Palace of Arts on the square in the center of St. Petersburg, a monument of high classicism architecture. The State Russian Museum is located in the building.

The architect of the palace was under construction Michael Carl Rossi. The project architect of the palace began to work since 1817, when they wanted to make a new residence of the Grand Duke at the site of the palace Vorontsov, and then - on the spot Chernysheva home (where the Mariinsky Palace was built later). After the decision to start construction of the palace in this wasteland, the architect of the project began to create not just a reconstruction of existing buildings and new urban architectural ensemble. Here the architect was designed not only the palace but also the area in front of him and two new streets (Engineering and Michael's).

At the beginning of the "Commission for the construction of the Palace of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich," it was created in April 1819. The solemn laying of the building took place on July 14, and the construction itself began on 26 July. From the Field of Mars appeared the palace garden - as St. Michael. 30 August (11 September) in 1825 the palace was consecrated.

In 1895, Mikhail Pavlovich grandchildren sold the palace to the Treasury. April 13, 1895 name of the Supreme Decree of Emperor Nicholas II was established here Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander III.


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