The «Kosmonavt» Club

The «Kosmonavt» Club

St. Petersburg, Bronnitskaya st., 24

In parallel, the city's main artery - Moscow Avenue, five minutes from the Metro Institute of Technology, in the building of the cinema "Astronaut" on the street Bronnitskaya, 24, the first of September opened a new modern concert hall.

Professionals with love and attention to detail, focusing on the best European experience, created a two-tier club. "Cosmonaut" combines all the formats of the entertainment industry and concentrates the best creative resources in the same room. The sound in the first place: the project verified acoustics of the hall and the new technical equipment will allow the audience and musicians to fully enjoy the clear and powerful sound.

Cosmonaut - a new segment in the night life in St. Petersburg, the distinguishing feature of which is - good location in the central area of the city, democratic approach to customers and technical component. Duplex giant, whose capacity is 1,700 people - a worthy alternative to the night life in St. Petersburg.


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Playbill for the next few days

Sept 27, 20:00 Fr
600 - 1500
Oct 31, 20:00 Th
600 - 1500
Nov 21, 20:00 Th
1200 - 5000
Mar 22, 20:00 Su
2000 - 5000

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