Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace

St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Sadovaya Str., 7

For 300 years the central part of Tsarskoye Selo in a grand building of the Catherine Palace with around-flung Catherine Park. However, despite such a considerable age, the palace still amazes everyone with its beauty and splendor. Over the years, the history of the palace changed a lot of royal owners, but many architects participated in its construction and design.

The Catherine Palace, also known as the Great Tsarskoye Selo Palace - the former imperial palace, the official summer residence of the Russian monarchs three - Catherine I, Elizabeth and Catherine II. The palace is located in the former Tsarskoye Selo, now the town of Pushkin. Included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The building is laid in 1717 on the orders of Russian Empress Catherine I, in whose honor and called; during the XVIII century and rebuilt several times in its modern form is a sample of the late Baroque.


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