House officers

House officers

St. Petersburg, Liteiny pr., 20

In St. Petersburg, on the corner of the street and Kirochnaya Foundry Avenue, is a six-storey building with a characteristic monumental architecture of our city spire tower at the corner. Since 1898, it houses a collection of Officers Army and Navy. Russian officers during the existence of the Russian Empire were the most cohesive, educated, patriotic and heroic part of Russian society. Officers determined the face of the army, they can be used to judge all its content, from and depended on the state of the armed forces. Officer Assembly traditions continue to this day...

The area of ​​the large hall of about 630 square meters and a height of about 15 m hall is illuminated from two sides: windows facing the Foundry Avenue, and located on the opposite wall of windows overlooking the front yard. Hall kept the original finish of the walls, done in the style of Louis XVI.

The current repertoire of the House of officers drawn from the activities of the wide-format concerts, recitals, art exhibitions and readings, performances and KVN games.


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