Art Cafe Brownie

Art Cafe Brownie

Saint Petersburg, Vyborg highway., 15

Piterskoye art cafe with a pretty name "Brownie" always enchants all its visitors - adults and the very young. It provided the perfect conditions for a truly spectacular family vacation: Cafes format provides a huge amount of children's entertainment that gives parents the blissful freedom - they can just sit in a nice and cozy place, or join the kids, remembering their own childhood!

This family cafe in St. Petersburg will be a great option for any of the nationwide festivities, here arranged beautiful Christmas trees, conducted puppet shows and spectacular show presentation.

Conveniently organize a "domovenka" and graduation celebrations for students and kindergartners. Tasty and healthy treats, bright fireworks, special entertainment programs and a wide range of additional services, all in a festively decorated room - certainly memorable holiday!


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