Theater Center on Kolomenskoy

Theater Center on Kolomenskoy

St. Petersburg, Kolomenskaya str., 43

St. Petersburg Theatre Centre on Kolomenskoy there in April 2005, and January 12, 2008 held a significant event in the theatrical life of the city - the opening of the first private theater. The well-equipped, cozy and comfortable room for up to 100 people - ideal for the performances of small forms of recitals, concerts, benefit performances, and the presence of his restaurant allows viewers to come to the theater well before the show and stay after it.

The creators of the Centre to implement the idea of ​​rest surrounded by creative people in the audience and opened a real theater club, which is sure to become the best place in the city theater of meetings, communication and co-creation. The best lighting and sound equipment, designed by leading theater master Gleb Filshtinsky, transforming the stage and the hall are rightly proud of the new theater.


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