РС Jelezodoroznikov

РС Jelezodoroznikov

St. Petersburg, Tambov str., 63

РС Jelezodoroznikov - one of the most important cultural institutions in St. Petersburg. It organizes events of different nature. The repertoire of plays for children and adults. It hosts concerts, presentations, discos and dance parties; exhibitions, festivals and fairs; themed events, workshops, games, entertainment shows and creative meetings - and no one is left behind.

The history of this place dates back as early as 1900. That's when this place was built on the initiative of the national house of a prominent political and public figure - the Countess Sofya Vladimirovna Panina. The building was erected by the architect JJ Benoit and it opened in 1903 as the Ligovsky People's House.

The institution operates more than twenty teams of creative initiative, opened a dance school for adults and children, working clubs. Thus, in its history, the building has not changed its purpose - and now РС Jelezodoroznikov remains one of the most popular venues for cultural activities and visitors to the city of St. Petersburg.


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