Theater venues «Skorokhod»

Theater venues «Skorokhod»

St. Petersburg, Moscovskiy avenue, 107/5

"Skorokhod" - a multipurpose theater space, an alternative repertory theater, where there is a place to dance, music, film and all new and topical in any kind of performative art.

Today on the site you can see a modern ballet, tomorrow a new opera, written in the genre of hip-hop, and the next day - a documentary theater. What can never be seen in the "Skorokhod" is the rags and naphthalene, for those who work at the site, always on the lookout. Avant-garde and mainstream. Peter, Moscow, Kostroma, Europe, Israel, the United States - no matter where the play went, but the author always has something to say and the audience to see.


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