Palace Chancellor Bezborodko

Palace Chancellor Bezborodko

St. Petersburg , Post Office Lane. , D . 4

Chancellor Bezborodko Palace is an architectural monument of the last quarter of the XVIII century. It was built by the famous architect Giacomo Quarenghi for prominent statesman times of Catherine II - the Alexander Bezborodko.

In the 1870s, the palace facades Bezborodko previously acquired several postal authorities have received clearance in the spirit of the Renaissance, is more complicated than the original. Changed finish and many rooms. Currently, the palace is placed Central Museum of Communications AS Popov.

The new spacious premises of the reconstructed building to the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg and the modern technical equipment create an opportunity for him corporate and international conferences, seminars, round tables devoted to both the museum and other special topics.

Large main hall can accommodate up to 400 people.


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