Tram Dudes

Tram Dudes

St. Petersburg, Sredniy Prospect VO, 77

At the time, Peter was a "tram capital" of the USSR. By the end of 1980 the tram network of Leningrad reached epic proportions and has become the biggest in the world (now, this record belongs to Melbourne).

About harmfulness or usefulness of this type of transport you can argue until you're blue, but be that as it may, the tram was and remains a symbol of the city, a part of its history, which is a shame not to know.

Wagon LM-57 was designed by the renowned architect I.A.Vaksom Leningrad, founder of the school of design of Leningrad.
Tram atypical canary colors at the time looked like a foppish, for which he received the nickname of "dudes".

These trams always went alone, then there is no trailer cars. They were more comfortable, quieter and faster than any of his predecessors.


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