DK im. I. I. Gaza

DK im. I. I. Gaza

St. Petersburg, Stachek pr., 72

Palace of Culture named after Gaza was built in St. Petersburg Kirov district, in 1935. DK was named after a prominent figure at the time the party - Ivan Strip. Palace of Culture was erected for 4 years, it was designed by two architects from Leningrad - D. Krichevsky and A. Gegello. The building is located on the Avenue Strikes, 72, next to the JSC "Kirov Plant".

Due to good technical equipment, a spacious auditorium for a thousand seats and a roomy balcony, in the Palace of Culture events held in different genres. From the earliest days of the Palace of Culture has become a very popular place, there are many different creative conducted various circles. Here operates a large library, cinema room, open studio. On stage regularly perform MAT artists and theater groups from across the country. Now in the Palace of Culture concerts of contemporary artists put musicals, plays, shows, rock opera. It also operates a small room where placed improvisation dramatic.

Tickets for the event in DC Gaza can be purchased in St. Petersburg theater box offices, or you can make it even easier, for example, to issue an e-ticket, or to order from our site.


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