Tauride Palace

Tauride Palace

St. Petersburg, Shpalernaya st., 47

Tauride Palace in 2011, the company acquired a magnificent organ «Grenzing», the largest company organostroitelnoy Spain. The uniqueness of this tool is that it was designed specifically for the Tauride Palace, given the characteristics of the scale and acoustics.

Organ of the firm «Grenzing» has received rave reviews from the president of the Association of organists and organ masters VV Dolinsky: "Organ perfectly intoned: it is perfectly balanced and labial reed voice, bass and treble tessitura, registers and solo voice accompaniment. Each register sounds great by itself, and in the ensemble - the sound of relief filled with rich colors, however prosaic. Pleno fills the entire room, but not "pushing" the volume and piano - very soft, but well audible in all corners of the room. The tool is in perfect harmony with a beautiful domed hall of the Tauride Palace, having an excellent "organ" acoustics. This harmony is not only acoustic, but also external - very impressive facade body naturally fit into the interior of the hall and decorated it".


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