Trinity Square

Trinity Square

St. Petersburg , Trinity Square

Trinity Square - the oldest square of the city, the first administrative center of St. Petersburg. This place has become important to have a value of urban immediately after close tabs on Hare Island, Peter & Paul Fortress. Fortress in a Northern war can feel safe here, under her guise began to build St. Petersburg.

Construction of new capital in a short time frame for the time gave rise to the legend of Peter I, as of a certain Bogatyrev, which in one fell swoop hands build the city. According to this legend, one day Peter walked on the Petrograd side, which was then overgrown with shrubs and forest island. Walking past a broomstick and Peter stopped for some reason, cut it down, and after some time, and cut down another broomstick. In place of these bushes were Holy Trinity Cathedral and the first residence of the king - the house of Peter I.


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