Museum of the History of Religion

Museum of the History of Religion

St. Petersburg , Pochtamtskaya Str. 14

The State Museum of the History of Religion - the only one in Russia and one of the few museums in the world, the exhibition represents the history of origin and development of religion.

Museum funds account for about 200 000 exhibits. These are monuments of history and culture of different countries, eras and nations of archaic, ancient Egypt and Israel until the early European Middle Ages; from ancient Greece and Rome to modern times; Buddhism and Islam. The museum's collection of ancient artifacts - archeological findings dating from the VI millennium BC

The museum building was built in the 1860s. by architect A. Kavos, is located in the historic center of St. Petersburg. It houses a permanent exhibition, open storage fund "Silver pantry", temporary exhibitions. The museum's Open University of the history of religions in the world.

Excursion programs include not only visit the museum, but also themed bus tours of Saint Petersburg and the Northwest region. The "Museum - Children" offers guided tours, interactive activities, the cycle "The lesson in museum", festive program and the program of Sunday. Specially equipped rooms of the museum are designed for conferences, seminars, round tables, concerts and presentations.


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