Club ZAL

Club ZAL

St. Petersburg, emb. Obvodniy Canal, 118

"Zal Ojidanaya" turned the idea of ​​the concert venues, calculated per thousand - in contrast to "boxes", hammered different equipment, the club has a nice design, plenty of comfortable seating and a spacious bar. "Waiting Room" is located, so that the road to it from all parts of the city will be short and pleasant.

The pride of the club - a program that made the "Zal Ojidanaya" a popular meeting place for lovers of the most diverse music: jazz, rock, rap, pop, indie, electronic, punk - at the Club Performing artists of all trends and genres. Professional sound and lighting equipment allows for both chamber music concerts and major events.

During his time at the club, "Zal Ojidanaya" featured such artists as Zemfira, B-2, Alice, Spleen, Jeanne Aguzarova, Tequilajazzz, Vacuum, Kosheen, Lamb, boombox, crematorium, Esthetic Education, Vopli Vidoplyasova, leg Svelo, Eugene Grishkovets and the group "Curler" Pilot, Fleur, Sergei Babkin, Billy`s Band, Marc Almond, Cinema Bizarre, Nouvelle Vague, Fedor Chistyakov, Dolphin and many others.


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Playbill for the next few days

Oct 4, 19:30 Fr
1200 - 4000
Annihilator (Canada)
Dec 3, 19:00 Tu
2200 - 4000

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