Theatre Mimigranty

Theatre Mimigranty

St. Petersburg , Rijskiy Avenue, 23

Only "Mimigranty" every statement decorate plastic skills of actors and interactive work with the audience. Only here traditionally celebrate the day of Birds, Eggs day, Hug Day, Valentine's Day, birthday Santa Claus - extravagant performances - the card of the theater. And rarely viewer is possible to "hide" in the twilight of the cozy rooms, as almost all become participants submission!

The special atmosphere of coziness and childish fun directly created by a friendly team of theater, harmoniously complemented by interior decoration of the hall. Cushioned chairs with armrests, a separate table for every two chairs, which was during a performance, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or juice, treat yourself to a cake. The auditorium was built in the form of an amphitheater, so from anywhere perfectly clear what is happening on stage.

Adult theater offers in addition to the main areas of clowning and mime, comedy on the works of A. Averchenko, M.Zoshchenko, Samuel Beckett, O. Henry, plastic drama, tragicomedy, drum shows - performances in the classical genre and innovative performances that are more beloved spectator.

In the morning reigns fun and play. Before every performance naughty clowns with children, converted into fairy-tale characters using akvagrima. Getting into the magical land of Theatre "Mimigranty" child acquainted with many genres - this dramatic tale, and musical extravaganza, and a clown show, in which, if you're lucky, it can play a major role, and then take part in a fun musical master classes!


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