The Theatre «Aleko»

The Theatre «Aleko»

St. Petersburg, pr. Yuri Gagarin, 42

"Aleko" - young theater. The birth of the theater took place on 18 February 2011 and was marked by a double premiere - the opening of the theater and the premiere of a new play by Alexey Kozyrev "transplantation" with the participation of famous artists of St. Petersburg.

Theater "Aleko" is located in the Moscow area, 10 minutes walk from the metro station "Star". Cozy and comfortable hall for 300 seats with excellent acoustics, allows not only dramatic, but also musical performances. Rows of cushioned seats amphitheater, so that make it possible to watch the show without interference from any location. Long distances between the rows allows you to comfortably accommodate any build audience.

Today, in an active theater of many diverse own performances - not forgotten repertoire and plays by contemporary authors, musicals and productions for children. In general, each viewer will be able to choose a play to your taste.


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