Ship My Dream

Ship My Dream

Saint Petersburg, Peter's Quay, 2

Ship "My Dream" will be able to carry up to 100 people, will be pleased with the variety of seating areas. Closed cabin consists of two parts: a banquet hall and recreation area with a comfortable sofa. Banquet hall can accommodate up to 60 people with the planting and up to 80 people in a cocktail party version. The recreation area is great for entertainment, accommodation VIP-guests, for the first wedding dance.

The upper tier with panoramic sliding windows is ideal for covering buffet, welcome cocktail, or for the location of the bar during the disco. Also on the boat are 2 walking areas: roofed and open-air and 2 toilet cubicles.

The interior of the ship will surprise you with the royal splendor and solemnity. This holiday will long remain in the memory of your guests.


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