Marble Palace

Marble Palace

St. Petersburg, Millionth st., 5/1

This palace was built at the behest of Catherine 2 to Count Grigory Orlov during the second half of the 18th century. The name of this landmark thought up, we can say, by itself.

In fact, what else to call the palace, during the construction of which was used 32 different types of marble? The architect of this "marble platter" was A. Rinaldi, who built it in 2 orders of Catherine for her favorite, and sculptures adorned the facade of the palace, performed by famous sculptor F. Shubin. However, to live in the new palace Orlov and failed - the building was built too long, and he died shortly before the end of its finishes. Catherine Palace bought from the heirs of Orlov, and before his death gave it to his grandson, the Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich, brother of Alexander I and Nicholas I.

Stone decoration Marble Palace striking multicolored, elegance and wealth, perfection processing marbles, excellent taste in his collection and location.


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