Sports Complex «Jubilee»

Sports Complex «Jubilee»

Saint-Petersburg, PR. Dobrolyubova, 18

In mid- September 1967 in the former gardening Dobrolyubova began a grand building of the Palace of Sports, later to be named in honor of the 50 anniversary of Soviet power "Jubilee". Which was the first superintendent Dmitry T. Starovoytov.

Sports Facilities in diameter 94 meters, was a gift to the city from Labour Federation of Trade Unions. In this construction participated 300 representatives of different professions and occupations. Lots of good things can be said about certain people: T. Khabibula foreman, fitter V. Mitrofanov and P. Prokhorenko, machinists and D. I. Bolshakov Lapshin concreters Skorbunova E., E. Agofonova, A. Semenov, plasterers N. Kolosov, S. Endolova, tiler M. Ignatov.


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