Polovtsov Mansion (Architect House)

Polovtsov Mansion (Architect House)

St. Petersburg, street Bolshaya Morskaya, 52

Mansion owned by Senator, Secretary of the State Board of A.A. Polovtsev and today retains its shape, resulting in the restructuring of its architect A.X. Pelem (1835-1836) in late Classicist style . Interior home and some alterations made ​​in the second half of the XIX century architects G.A. Bosse, N.F. Brullo and M.E. Mesmakher. From the interior of the most spectacularly decorated staircase, Golden Hall, lined with many varieties of marble, White Hall, who served for receptions, two tiers of windows Oak Hall with a magnificent fireplace.

Bronze different special luxury room, which was intended for ceremonial receptions and obedov. Osobnyak Polovtseva (Architect house) It has no windows and only illuminated overhead light. In the decoration of the hall used varied in color marble, malachite, bronze overhead items, mirrors.

Since 1935 it - Architect house. There are architectural competitions, creative reports , public discussion of draft significant buildings, urban issues. In the former living room of the second floor hosts exhibitions constantly projects on the ground floor restaurant.


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