Theatre Shelter Comedian

Theatre Shelter Comedian

St. Petersburg, Sadovaya str., 27/9

Theater "Shelter Comedian" was founded February 19, 1987 by Yuri Tomoshevskim actor. In the late 80s to the early days of perestroika great popularity enjoyed performances by the poetry of the "Silver Age".

The first in the Russian Federation State Theatre without a permanent company is able to gather under one roof the real stars from all theaters of the city. At the scene of "Shelter Comedian" out of more than 100 artists, among them - the People's Artists of Russia Larisa Luppian, Olga Antonova, Tatyana Piletskaya, Ivan Krasko, Roman Gromadsky, Vladimir Tatosov, Vadim Yakovlev, Sergey Parshin, Valery Kukhareshin, Honored Artists of Russia Natalia Borovkov, Valentina Panina, Natalia Panina, Kira Petrova, Yefim Kamenetsky, Yuri Lazarev, Evgeny Filatov and other, even less famous but no less a spectator favorite artists.

Each year, the theater's repertoire updated with new performances. Theatre has repeatedly toured Russia and abroad. High culture performances, the acknowledged masters of directing and acting business - the key to popularity of the theater "Shelter Comedian" as in St. Petersburg and beyond.


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