Ticket office

Box office in St. Petersburg

Box office for a long time had virtually no choice with regard to the distribution of tickets for shows and concerts, but with the development of systems online sales of their popularity decreased significantly.

With all the convenience of online booking systems, they do not always meet the interests of customers. Not all buyers are willing to pay with bank cards on the Internet.

Ticket Office, located within walking distance from the nearest subway station to you or next to the house, will help to quickly and inexpensively buy tickets for any event.

You just need to choose the option that you want it. For example, you can book theater tickets online and pick them up at the nearest ticket office. And you can just choose the place of the available and place your order and pay at the box office.

Preparing for the visit to the theater or a concert - always a holiday, but sometimes it takes too much time. We appreciate the time and comfort of each of its customers, connoisseurs of art, offering a choice of a variety of options allows you to buy tickets for a concert, a play or show the most convenient way. You can always evaluate the quality of our services by visiting one of the points of sale of theater tickets.