The Ballet «Don Quixote»

The Ballet «Don Quixote»

Ballet in 3 acts

The world-famous dancer Johan Kobborg, who has already earned a reputation as a talented choreographer on the biggest stages of the world, released the premiere of his version of Don Quixote to the music of Ludwig Minkus at the Ballet Theater named after Leonid Jacobson for the 200th anniversary of Marius Petipa.

This performance was the first ballet performance in a series of anniversary events dedicated to the Year of Marius Petipa in Russia. Spectators of the premiere appreciated this dynamic and vivid performance, permeated with the hot Spanish sun, under which serious passions boil.

The rapidly developing plot and fiery character of the characters is talentedly supported by expressive choreography and luxurious design of the performance created by the genius of world set design Jerome Kaplan.

The freshness of the approach to the classics was also demonstrated by the director of the play Johan Kobborg, in love with Russian ballet and well known as a choreographer and brilliant performer to the audience of the Bolshoi Theater and the Mariinsky Theater. To the reputation of the famous male dance master after this premiere, the glory of a subtle interpreter of the cult creation of the “Russian Frenchman” Marius Petipa will surely be added. Johan Kobborg first staged ballet in St. Petersburg in collaboration with the Leonid Yakobson Ballet Theater.

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