The ballet «Sleeping beauty»

The ballet «Sleeping beauty»

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    August 9, Friday 20:00
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Performance of the Ballet Theater L. Jacobson
ballet extravaganza in 3 acts

The Sleeping Beauty ballet was the first experience of collaboration between the Leonid Yakobson Ballet Theater and the famous French choreographer, teacher and dancer of the Paris Opera Jean Jean Guillaume Bar. The choreographer has already worked in Russia, in 2007 he decided the Corsair ballet at the Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater. But in the St. Petersburg theater, the choice fell on “Sleeping Beauty”, especially since the Bar received the title of Danseur Etoile just in time for the performance of the part of Prince Desire.

Sleeping Beauty was set up in St. Petersburg in 1890. And already then this masterpiece of choreographic art turned out to be inextricably linked with France. First of all, thanks to the original choreography of the famous Marius Petipa, who took the tale of Charles Perrault as a basis and created a ballet in the style of Louis XIV, sending the audience to the golden age of classical dance and immersing in the atmosphere of Versailles.

However, in the years since the first production, the ballet has undergone significant changes. The expectations of the public, the technique of the performers and the physical form of the artists have changed. That is why the main goal of the production offered today by the Leonid Yakobson Ballet Theater was the desire to “revive” the masterpiece of the past, to make it interesting for today's public.

The main goal of the choreographer, in turn, was the desire not to turn ballet into synthetic art, to move away from a focus on virtuosity, athleticism, and not to allow the dance to become acrobatics. Ballet for Jean Guillaume Bar is a story told by dance. Classical choreography, which in combination with music, has its own dynamics, expressiveness and ability to carry the idea. The instrument for this was created, for example, the part of the fairy Carabos, which from a mimic (as in the 1890 production) turned into a dancing one.

A surprise for the audience will also be a “pre-prologue”, which will explain the cause of hatred of the Carabos Fairy and shed light on many of the events told by Perrot and Petipa.

Artistic Director of the Theater: Honored Artist of Russia Andrian Fadeev
Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Choreography by Marius Petipa and Jean-Guillaume Bar
The performance is accompanied by the St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Valentin Bogdanov
Cast: Princess Aurora - Sofia Matyushenskaya; Prince Desire - Andrei Sorokin; Lilac Fairy - Elena Chernova; Fairy Carabos - Angelina Grigorieva; Catalabut - Andrey Gudyma; King Florentan - Sergey Davydov; Koroleva - Svetlana Golovkina
Renewal Premiere: October 28, 2016
Duration: 3 hours and 15 minutes (with two intermissions)

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