Bride on call, or a misunderstanding on the heels

Bride on call, or a misunderstanding on the heels

Only a few minutes will pass and the audience will laugh. And all because there is a performance on the stage called "Bride on call or misunderstanding on stiletto heels".

The banal story. My wife left. So you can relax and meet old friends. Zhenya, Vasya, Dimochka are all native faces. And for some reason he is drawn to great exploits. Here is a notebook of a friend at hand and the telephone in her is quite "strange". But only by feelings of people, alas, you do not have to joke.

Images of heroes are collective and recognizable. The task of the ensemble is simple: to give a smile, a good, good mood to the viewer. The actors' play is sparkling, natural and expertly perfected. Bright, humorous, in something fantastic performance, supplemented by a good musical background, gives a special courage, dynamism and ease of perception.

The brilliant performance of the actors makes the audience laugh, sad and believe the author's unbridled imagination.
Duration of the performance: 2 hours 30 minutes (with intermission).

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