Performance «Kysya»

Performance «Kysya»

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    February 9, Saturday 19:00
    2000 - 8000 rub.
    Recommended age 18+
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Dmitry Nagiyev and Igor Lifanov
in the theatrical hit "KYSSYA"

On the domestic scene, few which entrepreneurial play can be compared to “Kyysya” in viewer attention for all the years of its existence. The performance was watched, probably, by all the stars: from Alla Pugacheva to Leonid Yarmolnik. “Kysya” toured in the most prestigious halls both in Russia and abroad. In many cities, she was several times. In Moscow, the performance was shown on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, the Vakhtangov Theater, the Satyricon, the Satire Theater, the Variety Theater and others. The schedule of the tour staged a few years in advance. For the first time “Kysyu” will be shown in the Ice Palace!

The main actors in “Kys” are popular actors Dmitry Nagiyev and Igor Lifanov. Both do not need any special representation for a long time, as they are recognized stars of the first magnitude in cinema, on television and in the theater. Dmitry and Igor are still friends from college. And together they are engaged in many successful projects. But the most unexpected and even in many ways sensational record was put exactly by the performance of director Lev Rakhlin “Kysya”, the audience rush around which has not subsided for two decades!

“Kysya” is a play based on the story of Vladimir Kunin of the same name. Director Lev Rakhlin and the actors created on the stage a funny, skillful and adventurous story of a St. Petersburg cat-breed from the Don Juan breed. Dmitry Nagiyev perfectly mastered the plastic, habits and difficult cat philosophy. The main character - the cat Martyn - has a hard time. However, everything that Kysya sees makes his little mind seriously think about the most important human values.

Phytasmagoria “Kysya”, although it has a certain deliberate scandal, essentially contains an extravagant, but very personal story about love and hate, bright and blatant feelings. This is the clearest example of the work of postmodernism, with all the ensuing consequences. Actors seek to bring to the consciousness of people what life is. This is dirt, crime, betrayal. But at the same time, love reigns over all of this. Man's attachment to man, man to animal, both to life.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (with intermission)

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