The play «the tale of the silver wings»

The play «the tale of the silver wings»

The musical is full of bright numbers of the popular children's vocal and choreographic studio "FORTE", laureate of international competitions. (project managers: Honored Worker of General Education of Russia - Tatyana Ufimtseva, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia - Svetlana Elantieva). On December 27, the scene of the Vyborgsky Palace will be filled with an unimaginable amount of musical rain that can turn your imagination about a modern musical fairy tale.

PREMIERE of the performance "The Tale of Silver Wings" will take place in St. Petersburg, which means that St. Petersburg residents and guests will be the first to see an unusually colorful performance. The dynamic plot of the fairy tale, full of intrigue and adventure, takes the viewer to the atmosphere of the festive ball, then to the thicket of the "Dead Forest", then to the Golden Autumn, then to the crystal surface of the New Year's Lake.

"The Tale of Silver Wings" is a magical love story of two swans, Lubava and Mirolyub. At the beginning of the story in front of the audience the image of a handsome man, Mirolyub for whom "The main thing is flying! To be above all! To the farthest of all! To be faster than everyone! ". Then the main character comes to the realization that "silver wings" and "flight" do not bring joy when you are alone. In the finale of the fairy tale, we already see the Cygnus, who at the risk of his own life is able to abandon the most precious - his silver wings. Of course, the fairy tale will not do without negative characters: Black witch Goodwig and her entourage, wolf army and many others will stand in the way of happiness of two lovers ... The spectators are expecting an unexpected, happy and unusually romantic ending.

In addition to remarkable music, the performance is filled with unusual choreographic numbers. The success of the project for a wide audience is due to the fact that the musical fairy tale "The Tale of Silver Wings" is modern rhythms and arrangements in tandem with modern choreography and live vocal. A colorful story about magical transformations with elements of Old Russian folklore, filled with a magical mystery will not leave any spectator indifferent.

If you want not only to see a musical fairy tale, but also to get the most pleasure from visiting the theater, we recommend to arrive 1 hour before the performance: at this time a fun interactive program with professional animators will begin. Even the most modest Tikhonis will be able to find entertainment to their liking. And having risen on the second floor, the guys will be able to dance at the disco and get acquainted with a variety of fairy-tale characters. In a word, the mood will be created the most that neither is a New Year!

Genre: Children's play, musical
Director: Tatyana Vdovichenko
The idea of ​​the project and the plot: Natalia Kolesnik
Text writer: Valentina Ladygin
Songwriter: Honored Artist of Russia Inna Bednykh
Selection of music: Iraida Michkova
Staging: Olga Chervatyuk
Duration: 50 minutes without intermission
Interactive program in the foyer of the Vyborgsky Palace: 50 minutes

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