The play «The History of Love. The Comedy of Errors»

The play «The History of Love. The Comedy of Errors»

A chance meeting at a Paris train station. She was in Nice, he was in Strasbourg. It would seem, is not on the way ... Leon - young programmer, Anita - costume designer at the Opera House. An unexpected meeting turned his head and both grew into a passionate affair. They are madly in love, and the whole world is now perceived through the prism of this love.

Leon goes for Anita on the tour, standing in the wings, listening to opera and hated waiting for the evening ... Not wanting to reduce their tremendous love for Parisian banal affair, he decided to deceive and said Anita was married. That, in turn, unpleasantly surprised and comes up with an answer ... a husband instead of to open up to each other, in love even more entangled in his lies.

"Love Story" - a mirror, reflecting the difficulties generation of thirty years, forgotten how to hear his own heart. The story of the life, where smiles are replaced sincere smiles and kisses are increasingly virtual.

Genre: Comedy of errors
Directed by: Dainius Kazlauskas
Author: Gérald Sibleyras
Actors: Svetlana Hodchenkova Alexander Ustyugov Dmitry Malashenko Anna Ukolova, Peter Krasilov
Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes without intermission

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