The Performance «Caligula»

The Performance «Caligula»

Version without words
based on the play of A. Camus

The image of the famous Roman emperor Guy Caesar, nicknamed Caligula, still continues to live, rebuilding from century to century in literature, cinema and on stage. At the heart of the production of Sergei Zemlyansky - not only the plot of the play of the same name by Albert Camus, but also historical materials, plots of works of art by other authors.

The play is staged in the genre of "plastic drama" - without words. At the same time, the creation of artistic images takes place not only with the help of body sculpting and bright musical accents, but also with the use of characteristic dance elements, music, scenography, visual effects.

The theater explores the inner world of the hero, the causes of his actions and desires. What makes a person cruel and why do people still crave such rulers? What gives rise to fear and desire to obey? Is this the only form of existence? ..

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