The play «a Leap into freedom. The Story Of Rudolf Nureyev»

The play «a Leap into freedom. The Story Of Rudolf Nureyev»

Numerous questions of enthusiastic spectators who watched the play "Leap into Freedom. The story of Rudolf Nureyev, "what happened to the great dancer further, encouraged the creators to continue. Since 2017, the full version of the play has been played. It tells us a fascinating and very understandable story about the star of world magnitude - Rudolf Nureyev.

The audience will witness a thorny path to glory, which began for Nureyev in a village forgotten by God near Irkutsk and crowned with the best theatrical scenes of the world. We will see different Nureyev: an inexperienced and young boy, a brilliant dancer of the Kirov Theater and a great artist, whose popularity was compared to the popularity of the Beatles. His name did not leave the front pages of newspapers, he became the first Russian dancer who directed the national theater of France - the Grand Opera. Rudolph Nureyev left a huge legacy behind him, forever changing not only the rules of work in the best theater in the world, but also the norms of classical dance in the world ballet.

The play "Leap into Freedom" is a story about the futility of wealth and glory in the face of death. At dawn, the actor becomes ill with a severe and incurable disease.

The main theme of this performance is the scale of the personality, which does not lose its dignity and power even five minutes before death. This is a story about the last exit is not a super star scene.

His death was a thunder among the whole world for the whole world.

Star Nureyev skyrocketed and also quickly burned, leaving behind a light that is a benchmark for all ballet dancers to this day.

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