The play «Idea Fix»

The play «Idea Fix»

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    October 28, Sunday 19:00
    1200 - 4000 rub.
    Recommended age 12+
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The middle-aged lady Evlampia Teodorovna, already 10 years as a widow, decides to end loneliness. She advertises in the newspaper, and, consulting with the Tarot cards, decides to choose the future satellite of the first five applicants. Neighbor Evlampy scientist Nestor Pavlovich has long been claiming for the hand and heart of the widow and he does not like any sort of alignment without his participation. Nestor draws his former friend of professional gambler Basil, remembering that he was very not bad played in the institute's theater. Nestor Pavlovich offers Basil to play five roles, appearing to Evlampy in the images of five disgusting characters, so that she forever abandoned the idea of ​​marrying anyone except Nestor.

However, during the performance, Basil, inspired by the intellect of Evlampia, as well as her four room apartment, decides to play her game and marry the widow himself. There is a piquant situation. A bright, light, wildly ridiculous performance about the impossibility of lonely existence, the need to retain its second half, even if in the name of love it is necessary to take reasonable but extraordinary measures.

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