The play «The Thirteenth Room»

The play «The Thirteenth Room»

The play received the prestigious international theater prize of Lawrence Olivier, as "The Best World Comedy"!

In the center of London, in the hotel "Westminster", in number "13", secretly from everyone, the assistant to the prime minister and the simple but very nice secretary of the Parliament are going to retire to work ... er ... well, let's say , Shorthand. Suddenly a window is found! What now to do lovers, losers, so that this whole story does not come out? Dangerous, family, career! .. But here to help the unlucky Richard Willie comes his faithful assistant, his personal secretary George Pigden ... This sparkling sitcom, with a famously twisted plot in an almost detective story, in which there is a quest, And chase, and disguise, and, of course, love!

Genre: Comedy
Director: Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Golub
Actors: I.Volkov, T. Kuznetsova, E.Lipets, G.Sysoev, V.Mironov, E.Zimina, V.Romanov, S.Sheichenko, D.Portnov, V.Kuzmin, I.Parshin, K.Kuleshov, V.Kolganov, E.Suvorova, A. Samokhin, I.Goryacheva, D.Semenova, V.Repetskaya, V.Kuksin
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission

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