The play «Take Your Time to Say Goodbye»

The play «Take Your Time to Say Goodbye»

On the shore of the Baltic Sea, in a small town comes a lady. Whether work and home problems made her go to rest, whether she runs from something, it's hard to say. Her behavior raises many questions among vacationers and staff, but she is not a city madman, as her neighbors think about her. Simply, it is not like everything that attracts attention and causes irritation.

The head doctor of the sanatorium, a middle-aged man with a long record of work and an absolute workaholic, is forced to deal with conflict situations between patients. Having met the heroine, unexpectedly begins to show interest to her, that's just one problem - these people are so different that it is not possible to find a common with each stage of the play, but if their two are a man and a woman - there must be love next to it, this is understandable dramatic art . Love is close, but everyone has their own.

Duration: 2 hours

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