The play «Left of the Elevator»

The play «Left of the Elevator»

"To the left of the elevator", it was under this name in 1988 on the Soviet cinema screens released film by the famous French director Edouard Molinaro. Previous scripted playwright Gerard Losier, comedy "To the left of the elevator", thanks to the original story and brilliant acting ensemble of the game, led by the master of French comedy by Pierre Richard instantly became a hit of.

France eighties of the last century, the golden years of modest charm of the European bourgeoisie, time, passion, love and carefree existence.

Timid Pierre and temperamental Boris - artists who live in the neighborhood. Pierre falls on the opening day in the lovely blonde married and invites her to him ... And Boris at the same exhibition uchinyaet scandal, jealous other beauty Eve to someone in the audience. The severity of the situation comedy is enhanced by the fact that the door to the apartment of Pierre and Boris continually slams against drafts. And naked Eve forced to seek refuge in the apartment of ... Pierre, who at the same time waiting for his chosen. Two couples and door come into hysterically funny adventure ... Genre: Comedy

Director: K.Markin
Author: Gerard Losier
Actors: A.Noskov, z.a.Rossii A.Slastin, V.Markevich, L.Alimov, O.Markina, D.Doroshenko, Yu.Shahmuratova
Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes without intermission

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