The play «The Agency «Topaz»

The play «The Agency «Topaz»

Can a simple teacher, who never engaged in acquisitiveness and who did not take bribes, become a businesswoman suddenly overnight? Most likely, no, but Monsieur Topaz nevertheless agrees to become the director of the agency.

What the agency is doing, and some dubious deeds turn around behind the façade of respectability and respectability - the unlucky Topaz does not yet know. And when it comes to him that the beauty plot with his lover just uses it for his not very clean purposes, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Will he succeed in outmaneuvering the cunning and leading them to clean water?

In the play "Topaz Agency", stars such as Sergey Magilenich-ZA Rossia-actor of the theater "Buff", Denis Portnov, Lyubov Virolainen, Alexandra Samokhina, young star Anna Nikolaevskaya, playing one of the parts in the new musical " Singing in the Rain ", as well as many other wonderful and beloved artists. And this is another reason to buy tickets for the performance "Topaz Agency" in St. Petersburg and spend a wonderful evening in hotels of a close friend and long-known actors.

Genre: Comedy
Director: V. Vladimirov
Author: Marcel Pagnol
Actors: Z.A. Russia S. Magelenich (Buff Theater), M. Lukin (Theater Taganka, Moscow), A. Nikolaevskaya (Theater Taganka, Moscow), D. Portnov, A. Volkov R. Artyukhov, L. Virolainen ( Theater named after Akimov), E. Alikin, V. Trukhachev
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission

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